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    Western Plains Consulting (WPC) provides high-quality, experienced environmental and natural resource professionals for your resource team.  We are committed to our clients and serve as a valuable resource through application of our knowledge and expertise to integrate nature and development; incorporate sound science in land-use solutions and management; and restore degraded environments.

      Our qualifications are based on extensive project experience; training and professional development; professional registrations and certifications; and demonstrated leadership in our fields on local, state and national levels.

       WPC and its professionals serve a broad client base — from both the private and public sector - and from large organizations to small business.  They include:

·                      Federal and State Agencies
·                      Municipal Governments
·                      Banks and Lending Institutions
·                      Engineering and Environmental Firms
·                      Real Estate and Development Companies
·                      Law Firms
·                      Manufacturing Companies
·                      Commercial Businesses
·                      Power Generation Companies
·                      Oil and Pipeline Companies and Wind Power Generation Companies
·                      Landfill and Transfer Station Clientele
·                      Agricultural Industries
·                      Construction Companies
·                      Sand & Gravel, and other Mining Companies
·                      Universities and Public Organizations
·                      Private Individuals

WPC is your resource for sound professional judgment and added value on every assignment.