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Western Plains Consulting (WPC) staff works closely with our clients and regulators, and they have established a successful record of planning, permitting, monitoring and completing projects efficiently and effectively.

The workplace is now inundated with a variety of compliance issues that need to be addressed. WPC can help you navigate Risk Management Assessments, Special Use Permitting - including Hazardous Materials, Agricultural Facilities, Manure/Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning, Landfills and Transfer Stations, and Surface Coal Mines, Oil Field and Corridor Permitting, Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank issues, Hazardous Materials Management, and assistance with SARA, TRI and RCRA.

  • Environmental Compliance Audits and Risk Management Assessments
  • Permitting Under the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, NEPA, FERC, FCC, FAA, and RCRA
  • Storm Water (NPDES) Permitting/Planning
  • Pollution Prevention Assessment
  • Special Use Permitting for landfills, coal and gravel mines, hazardous material, livestock

- City of Bismarck Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program  WPC staff Lance Loken and Lila Marquart originated this project at HPC in 2000 and, after Western Plains was formed, won the continuing Household Hazardous Waste Collection for the City of Bismarck. WPC has performed this annual service since 2004. WPC coordinates with the City of Bismarck Public Works Department, provides OSHA 1910.120 HAZWOPER-trained staff, gate personnel, and subcontracts with a hazardous waste hauler for this project. The annual event is held during the fall of each year, and involves collecting potentially hazardous household wastes from citizens who bring the materials to a central collection point. The annual collection serves over 750 vehicles per year in only six (6) hours. The 2005 collection set a record of 886 vehicles, and set a record for pounds of household hazardous waste collected. Ms. Marquart and Mr. Loken have directed all seven events for the City of Bismarck Public Works since the programs inception. Mr. Loken also serves as Site Incident Commander and has directed numerous small release cleanups that have occurred over the years at the event.

Assistance with large Land-use Planning Studies, such as rivers and special environments. Our planner has extensive experience with land-use planning along the Garrison Reach of the Missouri River. He also has worked on a large-scale environmental remediation project in a busy downtown business district that involved traffic flow management, land ownership determinations, property valuations, and long-term community redevelopment issues related to the ongoing remediation.

  • Zoning Issues
  • Environmental Justice
  • Traffic Management
  • Conservation Easement and Fee-Title Acquisition Assistance
  • Community Land-use Planning and Subdivision Regulations
  • Housing and Socioeconomic Planning
  • Community Facilities Impact Mitigation Studies

If there are hazardous materials in your workplace - we can assist with Hazard Communication and Occupational Exposure Monitoring for your employees. Our staff is experienced in working with foundries, manufacturing plants, bus companies, painters, wood treatment facilities, and sand/gravel companies, to name a few.

WPC staff are experienced trainers and public speakers. As such, we offer training opportunities, along with information presentations to our clients. Training offered by WPC includes:¨ HAZWOPER and HAZCOM 8-Hour Courses, 8-hour First Responder Training, General Safety Training, Site- or Project-Specific Safety Training, Respirator Safety Training / Fit Testing, Personal Protective Equipment Training, Storm Water - NDPDES Training, Noise and Hearing Conservation Training, Incident Response Training, Natural Resources Management Training, and Easement/Fee-title Acquisition Training.

WPC also provides presentations for free, or nominal cost, to our clients. These training sessions include: "Management of Environmental Liabilities", "Lead Exposure and Regulation" Mold Fact vs. Fiction - The common sense approach to evaluating mold exposure, controlling mold growth and management liabilities - awareness and anticipated changes in regulations that affect structures and buildings with lead-based paint, along with worker protection issues - Environmental Due Diligence for Commercial Properties.

- Household Hazardous Waste Staff Training Program Development and Training  WPC Staff, with staff member Lila Marquart as project manager, was retained by a municipal public works department to assess potential job hazards, develop a safety program and provide safety training for their workers for a new city-operated Household Hazardous Waste Collection facility. Because a variety of hazardous materials - biological and chemical - are potentially being handled and stored on a daily basis, the city was concerned that it’s staff be properly trained in handling these materials, and be familiar with sorting the material. Ms. Marquart developed the training program, in consultation with city public works, environmental health, and fire department staff.  Ms. Marquart led a 24-hour training program, which included the local fire department, for the workers at the facility. WPC staff were on-site the first few days the facility was open to ensure the city workers achieved proficiency in handling household hazardous waste.