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Occasionally, releases or spills happen.  Western Plains Consulting (WPC) provides Phase II Environmental Assessments of subsurface, soil, groundwater, hazardous materials, spills, and leaking storage tanks. After the spill/release and the assessment, WPC provides Remediation and Cleanup Services - small and large scale - including working with the client through system design, installation, operation and maintenance.

We are experienced with various chemical releases, including volatile organic compounds, crude oil, other petroleum products, pesticides, fertilizers and heavy metals. Services include:

  • Soil Sampling and Analysis
  • Monitoring Well Installation and Groundwater Assessment
  • Remediation of Surface and Subsurface Contamination
  • Coordination, reporting and permitting with federal, state and local regulators

- Lead Contaminated Soil Cleanup  WPC Staff Member Lance Loken was retained by a City Government to remediate lead-contaminated soil at a former pistol range used primarily by law enforcement agencies. Mr. Loken identified the areas and levels of lead in the soil, which was primarily confined to the berms. With WPC data in hand, the city negotiated with the regulator to develop an acceptable, cost-effective disposal method. In this case, soils were screened to remove pieces of lead, and levels were successfully reduced to a point where the remaining soil could be diluted with uncontaminated soils and made acceptable for other uses. The lead pieces were delivered to a salvage yard for recycling. The project was successfully completed on time and budget, and resulted in a significant cost reduction compared to traditional disposal for lead contaminated soils, which is by incineration, a method used for hazardous waste.

- Junkyard Property, Central North Dakota  WPC conducted a subsurface assessment at a large salvage facility that had experienced a major fire.  The facility included battery, lead and aluminum recycling equipment, as well as acres of burned vehicles.  Soil testing found that the intense heat of the fire had volatilized the majority of the hazardous materials and left very little residual subsurface contamination.  Other than surface cleanup, no further action was required by regulators. 

WPC's staff have been performing underground storage tank assessments and cleanup for more than two decades.  Projects have ranged from 500-gallon leaking used oil tank release to a multi-million gallon diesel fuel release under a commercial and residential area. WPC is a qualified leaking underground storage tank contractor.

Western Plains Consulting, Inc. (WPC) is an environmental and natural resource consulting company that provides spill and incidence response in the Dakotas, Eastern Montana and Western Minnesota. We respond to both Emergency and Non-Emergency spills and incidents both large and small on a 24-7 basis. In addition, we also respond to specialized types of clean-up activities such as drug labs and hazardous materials. WPC’s personnel have a long history of responding to spills of unknown hazardous materials, managing overall site safety, excavation and transportation contractor, and handling the reporting aspects for clientele. Our staff have experience in responding to tractor-trailer load shifts, rail car releases, clandestine chemical dumping, exposure to unknowns, and the ability to evaluate substances, determine the unknowns and respond appropriately.

When you need FAST spill response, or special clean-up services, call WPC.  Our 24-Hour Spill Response service has a record of being fast, fair and professional.  From 25 gallons to 4500 gallons, from unknown chemicals to petroleum, WPC has extensive response experience. 

- Incident Response to Mineral Oil Release at Substation  WPC is on contract with a national response company, who contacted WPC to perform an incident response to a substation in southwestern North Dakota. A unit at the substation experienced a failure which led to mineral oil (non-PCB containing) being sprayed into the air, where the wind carried it for a distance down range, across the substation. WPC retained a general subcontractor, who has OSHA 1910.120 - trained staff and working with the client and the substation owner, devised a plan to clean up the concern. The oil was discharged in a day of high wind, and the mineral oil coated the top surface of well-sorted washed rock. The subcontractor was directed to scrape up the stained rock, load it in a haul truck, and the NDDH directed that it should go to a permitted solid waste landfill for disposal. The upside of the high wind was that the mineral oil was not concentrated enough to soak more than a couple inches into the rock, and no soil was impacted. WPC and it’s subcontractor completed the project in one afternoon, and filed a report in less than a week of the incident.

Project Manager for incident response, site investigation, cleanup and remediation of an anhydrous ammonia, sodium sulfate salt, and diesel fuel spill in North Dakota. WPC was responsible for construction management, field investigations and operations, staff coordination, groundwater monitoring activities, soil reclamation, project management, and reporting to regulatory agencies for this $1.5 million project. During Mr. Loken’s involvement with the project, over four million gallons of groundwater was recovered and over 24,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil were reclaimed. The soil was reclaimed by landfarming on agricultural fields at agronomic rates. The groundwater was irrigated at agronomic rates onto adjacent farm fields using a traveling-gun irrigation system.

- Ink Spill Incident Response  Western Plains responded to a request from an ink distributor to clean-up a few hundred gallons of spilled printer's ink. MSDSs were reviewed and safety requirements instituted. Discussions were held with the property owner and client to reach an agreement on the scope and approach. A subcontractor was brought in to perform most of the cleaning and debris removal. Western Plains supervised the project and provided daily reports to the out-of-state client. The project was completed to the satisfaction of all parties.

- Styrene Release, Manufacturing Facility Fire, Western North Dakota  After a fire at a manufacturing facility, there was an immediate concern that styrene may have mixed with fire-suppression water and created further environmental concerns.  WPC conducted an assessment, including sampling, worked closely with the client and addressed concerns to the satisfaction of regulators.

- Chemicals in Waterway, Traffic Accident, Central North Dakota  A truck left a roadway and crashed through the ice on a large pond that emptied into a nearby river.  WPC was called to the scene to clean up various chemicals released into the pond and prevent contamination of the river.  WPC performed this project on the pond's broken ice during a winter storm.  The cleanup was completed in time to prevent contamination flow into the river, and met the satisfaction of regulators and the insurance companies involved.

- Mineral Oil Release, Western North Dakota  A transformer exploded during a wind storm.  Mineral oil was sprayed over a 60-foot area.  A spark then ignited the oil, which caused a prairie fire.  WPC was called after the fire was extinguished to conduct an assessment and cleanup.  WPC removed the contaminated materials and arranged appropriate disposal.  A report was prepared documenting the findings and actions taken to the satisfaction of all parties, including regulators and insurers.